Our Mission

We understand that the best way for recruitment to be successful is for everyone to work as a team. Our goal is to ensure that our employers and candidates are all well taken care of - that both parties are satisfied with the arrangements we help facilitate. We aim at a "win, win" situation.

We have maintained our select employer client base by providing our clients with candidates who have proven track records, both new graduates and more experienced candidates.

We ensure that we negotiate the best possible working conditions and fair deals for our recruits. We are able to achieve this duty by negotiating directly with the senior administrators and/or owners of the companies. We cut out the "middle man."

We ensure that our recruits become an integral part of their new teams. Most of our successful candidates continue to enjoy long-term employment. By mediating honest and open negotiations between quality employers and quality candidates, we are usually able to facilitate employment packages that delight both parties, often at more than the "going rate."

Each and every company and candidate is very important to us and we treat them that way.


Confidentiality is very important to us. What is said to us stays with us.